Dr. Moshe Bareket

Capital Market, Insurance & Savings Authority Commissioner @

Dr. Moshe Bareket (PhD, Columbia University, MBA & CPA) is the Directot General of the Capital Markets, Insurance & Savings Authority. Prior to that he was a Special Advisor to Jefferies Investment Banking and a consultant to major International and Israeli entities, as well as Israeli fintech and other startup firms.Dr. Bareket is the former Chairman of the Board of Phoenix Holding Company and Phoenix Insurance LTD, has been a board member of major Israeli listed companies (Carraso Motors, Delek Group, Delek Energy, Elad Real Estate and more) and has been the Chief Finance and Strategy Officer of Tshuva Group.Between 2006-2010, Dr. Bareket was the Director of the Corporation Finance Division at the Israeli Securities Authority (ISA) and also served as the ISA’s Chief Accountant.Earlier in his career, Dr. Bareket was a professor at Duke University for five years and served for eight years at the Central Bank of Israel.